Victory Garden® is making great taste happen.

 Our produce picked at the peak of ripeness and handled with special care. All of this ensures mouth-watering fresh produce that you’re sure to love. Visit your local grocer and look for the beautiful farm scene on the Victory Garden® label.

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe that thoughtful farming helps protect the land while creating superior tasting crops. Meticulous seed selection is where it all starts. The Victory Garden® family of growers carefully plants the seeds that are then nurtured under the sun. That’s not where it ends.


    A succession of experienced and knowledgeable seed variety detectives, quality experts and flavor specialists continually monitor and evaluate the growth cycle of our produce. This ensures that our produce will be tasty and distinctive. We undertake this rigorous review process so that you can rely on Victory Garden® for fresh produce that will tantalize your taste buds and delight your family and friends.

  • How Our Garden Grows

     The Victory Garden® difference starts with selecting seeds that will grow into something truly special. Our development team identifies  exciting  new and  traditional seed varieties that are distinctive, varieties that will bring something extraordinary to your dinner table.


    An exceptional seed needs the right environment and care to grow into exceptional produce. For each variety we bring to market, we carefully select where and how to grow it. In addition, our teams of quality and flavor specialists provide a nonstop flow of vital information throughout the growing season.


    This includes tracking whether the crop is meeting or exceeding the optimum taste profile we have set.


  • Ensuring Taste

    The Victory Garden® exclusive ‘taste profiling’ system guarantees that we are raising the bar for fresh produce — creating produce that you will savor and enjoy. We call  this our FACT System (Flavor, Appearance, & Consistency Tested).


    For each Victory Garden® variety, a special sensory panel of hand picked produce experts develops a unique ‘taste profile’. Our produce must always meet these exacting taste standards. We monitor this at every step —from the fruit maturing in the fields through each step of the journey towards your local grocery store. Our field staff and quality control personnel are thoroughly trained to use the FACT system.


    This dedication to taste is the foundation of

    the Victory Garden® taste revolution.

  • Responsible Farming

    There is always room to improve the delivery of fresh produce to your table – from how it is grown, harvested and transported to how it is packaged. Our goal is to continually advance each of these aspects.


    At Victory Garden®, we strive to meet the needs of today without giving up the opportunity for future generations to meet their needs. Practicing responsible farming today for the fields of tomorrow.

Our Roots

Victory Gardens

Storia di Mazzanti

Harvesting our Heritage

Drawing on a rich farming heritage reaching back to Tuscany, the Mazzanti family established their farm in the fertile soil of Northern California.

During WW II, the family expanded their farm to support the needs of the community.

Realizing a long held vision Martin Mazzanti founded a produce company in 1979, based on generations of knowledge and a singular devotion to creating a distinctive fresh produce experience.



During World War II, the government urged citizens to plant fruit & vegetable gardens so that commercial agricultural production could be sent overseas. “Gardens for Victory” sprang up in every available patch of dirt across the nation.

Families tilled backyards, apartment dwellers set out window box planters, and neighborhood communities gardened vacant lots.

These Victory Gardens, some of which remained in use for decades, stand as a wonderful example of people cooperating to provide for the general good.


Marty Mazzanti was born in San Jose, California in what was then the heart of an Italian- American farming community. Marty’s grandparents, Pilade & Clarina, had come to the San Jose area from Staffoli, Provincia di Pisa, Italy in 1914 and purchased a 5-acre plot to plant a variety of vegetables as they had in the old country. After many years working on the family farm, Marty’s father, Reno, owned and operated his own farm. He was always looking for new and unique items to grow. Reno's  drive  to  seek out new and exciting produce no doubt inspired Marty not to be content with the ordinary.

    Throughout his school years, Marty spent his summers picking, packing and trucking out the crops. He later supported himself during college by working for a small wholesale produce company. Following Reno’s untimely death, Marty sold the farm and struck out on his own. In 1979 he founded the company where Victory Garden®  would be born

Back when fresh produce was all locally grown, taste was most important. Farmers grew this wonderful tasting produce with an understanding that they must take care of both the crops and the soil. This would ensure that they could grow healthy and great tasting produce year after year.

    Our years of experience developing the Victory Garden® brand has renewed our focus on taste. Victory Garden® has always served the community, supported earth friendly growing methods, and delivered fresh produce with amazing homegrown flavor.


Some of our favorite recipes featuring Victory Garden Products.

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